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Bardabe Performance Provides the following services

Race Engines:

Motorsports is an extensively abusive environment, in situations like this engines built by shops who don’t understand the abuse of Road Racing, Time Attack, Drifting, etc. will simply not withstand the abuse. I have over a decade of engine building experience and can confidently deliver a competition engine for your application.

Motorsports Electronics:

Custom Motorsports wiring harnesses, using Tefzel wiring, Deutsch Motorsport connectors and MIL Spec connectors for whatever the application requires.  Everything from wiring only an engine to a complete chassis loom.

Dyno Tuning:

Understanding the way today’s complex Engine management systems work, the complete mechanics of today’s engines including; variable cam timing, valve lift, direct & port injection I am able to calibrate just about any modern Management system. With many years of using different chassis dynos I have recently purchased a Dynapack 2WD dyno, this dyno has been by far the most reliable & repetitive dyno. Focusing extensively on being able to access and optimize every setting and load cell with the most precise mechanical, electronic & repetitive advantage this is something no other dyno can duplicate. I currently only support 2WD dyno tuning but will offer 4WD soon.

I support All major standalone engine management systems, ECU re-flash systems as follows:

UpRev, ECUTek, Nistune & Open Source re-flash.