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GT-R Packages

With over a decade of professional engine building experience I can confidently deliver a competition grade engine for your project.  Each package is designed specifically for our customer’s performance goals. Each stage integrates the highest quality aftermarket components along with our own quality control & assembly. It is our goal to make sure your Skyline GT-R has consistent reliable performance. We do not take on builds until we meet and speak with our customers, making sure we can exceed your expectations in the most efficient and reliable way possible is key.

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Dyno Tuning:

Understanding the way today’s complex Engine management systems work, the complete mechanics of today’s engines including; variable cam timing, valve lift, direct & port injection I am able to calibrate just about any modern Management system in FWD, RWD & AWD Vehicles. (MoTeC, Emtron, Link, Haltech, AEM, ECU Master, Adaptronic, etc). I support All major standalone engine management systems, OEM ECU Re-flash software I am limited to ECUTEK, UpRev, Nistune, & Hondata

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