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We own an All Wheel Drive (4WD / AWD) Dynapack Hub Dyno, the same used by many of the leaders in the motorsport industry like Nismo Omori Factory, Porsche & Mclaren amongst others. This dyno has been by far the most reliable & repetitive dyno. Focusing extensively on being able to access and optimize every setting and load cell with the most precise mechanical, electronic & repetitive advantage this is something no other dyno can duplicate.

I am experienced with all engine management systems in the market today. Everything from a MoTeC M1 to an Apex’i Power-FC. I am a Certified Apexi Power-Excel service center, AEM Infinity Factory trained / certified and much more. I am a Computer Science graduate with 10+ years of professional motorsport experience. I bridge the gap between hands on mechanical experience and technical knowledge. I am a veteran in re-flash tuning, while I’ve shifted my focus towards standalone applications I am still routinely calibrating with Ecutek, UpRev & Hondata.

Dyno tuning with me is not based on an hourly rate, every application is handled according to the applications need. For details on the cost and time of your particular application please contact fill out this contact form.

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