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Many people have heard horror stories giving ethanol a bad name. The most common myth is that it causes corrosion in fuel systems. The issues are created by what the fuel is blended with. With the Ignite line of fuels, you will never have a corrosion issue. This is the fuel used in our shop race car, and competition vehicles. Pump blended “E85” is blended with other chemicals and is inconsistent, causing lots of issues for weekend only driven cars in the long run. If you want true reliable performance from Ethanol based race fuel, Ignite is the only one we trust. Due to the nature of this product, Ignite racing fuels are not available for shipping or online ordering. We regularly stock 5 Gallon pales for easy pick up.

Ignite Red 114 (E90):

 The Ignite Red 114 is an E90 blend designed for applications of 500+hp. This fuel is perfect for both forced induction and high compression applications. With superior burn speed and energy value, Ignite 114 will reduce engine temperatures while delivering more power and torque outperforming similarly rated gasoline based fuels.

Ignite Yellow E98:

For straight ethanol applications, Ignite E98 is your weapon of choice. Formulated to the highest standards for raw ethanol, our E98 is designed to provide the highest quality and documented consistency. Ignite E98 delivers outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.

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