Link ECU G4X Plug In


Link Plug-In ECUs provide a straight forward way to gain full control over your engine functions, whilst still keeping the stock appearance & wiring of the car’s original engine control unit.

Where possible, the factory enclosure is reused and a replacement board is supplied which the installer swaps for the original factory board inside the original enclosure. Where this is not possible due to the design of the factory ECU, the Link ECU is supplied in a full or partial replacement enclosure.

All Link ECUs (Engine Control Units) are 100% New Zealand designed and developed. Link offers a limited lifetime warranty so if your ECU breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we’ll repair or replace, no questions asked.



G4X Plug-In Key Features (Where Applicable)
Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping
Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control)
Sequential fuel delivery
Digital triggering, all OEM patterns
OEM idle hardware supported
5D boost control with three switchable tables
Motorsport features – antilag, launch, flat shift
Continuous barometric correction (on board)
CAN port
QuickTune – automated fuel tuning
Individual cylinder correction
USB tuning cable included
Stats recording into on-board memory
Gear compensations for spark, boost and fuel
Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps
Sync and crank sensors can be a combination of Hall effect, variable reluctance or optical
Boost control referenced to gear, speed or throttle position
Up to 32Mbit internal logging memory
Staged injection
Knock with “windowing”
Direct Flex fuel sensor input

Additional information

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Make & Model

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32,R33,R34), Nissan Skyline GTS (R32-R33), Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (RB25 NEO), Nissan 350Z 02-06 VQ35DE, Nissan 300ZX 90-96, Nissan S13 – S14 76 pin (CA18DET & Zenki SR20), Nissan S13 – S15 SR20DET 64 Pin, Subaru WRX & STi V1 – V2, Subaru WRX & STi V3 – V4, Subaru WRX & STi V5 – V6, Subaru WRX & Sti V7 – V9, Subaru WRX & STi V10 04-06, Subaru WRX & STi V10 06-07


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