Future Fabrication RB T4 Twin Scroll Manifold


This is my single turbo manifold of choice for most street cars

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Future Fabrication Nissan RB20/25/26 T4 Divided Exhaust Manifold

MADE IN THE USA and Includes Life Time Warranty to original buyer
Thick walled Stainless Steel 1 1/4 Inch SCH40 Runners Fully Tig Welded/Back Purged
Dual waste gate flanges MV-S or MV-R
True Twinscroll T4 Design
Head Flange fits Rb20det, Rb25det, and Rb26dett Cylinder Heads!

Twin scroll merge collector creates a turbulent free area for the exhaust gasses to enter the turbine housing in even pulses at high velocities and low pressure drops. The result is an increase in turbine efficiency by 7-8 percent (faster spool, quicker response) and result in fuel efficiency improvements as high as 5 percent.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

Tial MV-S / Turbosmart 40mm, Tial MV-R / Turbosmart 45mm


Future Fabrication

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