BP High Pressure Power Steering Hose | R32 GT-R


The OEM Nissan Power Steering hose is 25 years old now at best, and the crimp joints are starting to leak. With Nissan transferring this hose to the Heritage program and incredibly expensive in the USA I developed a replacement hose, made 100% here in Austin Texas.  The hose is made with Earls Stainless steel hose ends, Stainless Steel Banjo adapter &  black hard anodized power steering rack adapter fitting. The Actual hose is manufactured by gates for commercial and aerospace hydraulic applications that is also DOT  certified.  This hose has been tested in real world application and has flexible fitment. This hose is compatible with both OEM twin turbo applications & single turbo applications. Replace your old leaking power steering hose with this new made in the USA Bardabe Performance hose.

It is recommended to also wrap the hose in heat shielding for longer life and protect it from the high heat of high performance applications.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in