Nissan Long Life Antifreeze – Coolant


This is by far the best coolant I’ve found, since the Motul MoCool has been discontinued as of 20 March, 2020 and I am sold out this is currently the only coolant I support. 1 of these bottles is enough for most cooling systems. Note this is concentrate only and needs to be mixed to the desired ratio using distilled water.

Product Description

Nissan L248SP Green Antifreeze/Coolant is an advanced formula antifreeze that has the same distinctive green, high quality, factory fill found in Nissan vehicles. Add directly to anti-freeze in radiator, in amounts indicated on label. Mix equal volumes of Nissan Genuine Engine Coolant and demineralized or distilled water to create a 50/50 mixture ratio. This mixture ratio ensures maximum cooling system efficiency and excellent corrosion protection.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 10 in