Motordyne Shockwave E370 Cat Back Exhaust


The Shockwave E370 is a True Dual X (TDX) exhaust design of a modular nature for integration of different and evolving sounds and features. Fabricated entirely of stainless steel and designed for maximum power gains by using a combination of dual 2.5″ and dual 3.0″ stainless steel tubing. This is my favorite exhaust in terms of power and sound for the 370Z & G37


Product Description

Dual 2.5″ diameter primary tubes of the XYZ pipe inlets are optimized for diameter and length to yield maximum low end to upper midrange power and torque.

Dual 3.0″ exhaust tubes from the midpipe muffler on back are used to route the exhaust flow to the back of the vehicle for minimizing flow resistance and yielding maximum high RPM power..

The progressive expansion of tube diameter and exhaust flow area optimizes pulse scavenging while minimizing flow resistance and pressure drop. The result is maximum power and torque for NA and FI applications up to 700 HP.

When used with the Motordyne ART test pipes the complete system design starts at dual 2 1/4 inch diameter at the ART pipe inlet and progressively expands to dual 3″ flow tubes. Dual 2.25″ diffused to dual 2.5″ and then diffused to 3.0″. This design provides the highest performance with an unusually powerful and low pitch exhaust tone.

Hand crafted to the highest level of quality. Entirely TIG welded and deeply polished Stainless Steel 304L. Comes with your choice of 4.5″ exhaust tips in Stainless Steel or burnt Titanium with either a straight or rolled lip. The tips are adjustable they can be pushed in or pulled out for different looks. They are also easily changed out for another set.

Please be aware that these have a 15% Restocking/Cancellation Fee


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