Motordyne MREV2


MREV 2 Manifold TM – The most powerful naturally aspirated bolt on you can put on your revup engine. When used with or without a spacer or aftermarket upper plenum, this lower plenum will make substantial power gains. Multiple independent test show when used with a 5/16″ spacer on the revup engine, the combination will add a “minimum” of 15+ HP and 18+ TQ in the upper midrange. Many independent MREV 2 Manifold REVUP tests have dynod in excess of 20HP and 30 TQ in the upper midrange and with high RPM peak power increased by 3-5 HP. The MREV2 is a prerequisite to the plenum spacer when used on a revup engine. No other normally aspirated VQ modification provides as much gain as the MREV 2 Manifold!


Product Description

By machining the lower collector intake runners 1&2, it allows for more flow above the most critical area without significantly changing the optimized plenum internal volume. This provides even greater MREV system performance by maximizing both torque and horse power. No other NA VQ modification provides as much gains as MREV Plus!

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8 in


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